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Their album, "Bow Down" is a landmark in the "gangsta" rap movement. The Westside Connection is Ice Cube, WC and Mack 10. These three rap kingpins have elevated the status of "gangsta" rap to its ultimate level. They have made it more difficult for the hardest of hard-core rappers to believe themselves. Mack 10 and Ice Cube were first brought together through a mutual friendship with the famed rap producer DJ Pooh. Cube auditioned "One-O," as Mack 10 is often called, and quickly took his new protg over to Priority Records. WC's part in this tag team of hit makers is quite different from Mack 10's. While Mack 10 was a virtual newcomer to the rap scene, WC was actually an old label-mate of Cube's, as well as a good friend. While Cube was bangin' out hits for N.W.A, WC was cementing the formation of Low Profile with DJ Aladdin. Low Profile split and he quickly formed WC and The MAAD Circle with Crazy Toones, Coolio and Big Gee. Disillusioned with the recording industry, WC took a break from the music business and assisted Cube in coaching Coolio to be a solo artist. On The Madd Circle's CD "Curb Servin," Westside Connection joined forces with the song, "West Up.

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From "Westside Slaughterhouse" and "West Up" to "Hoo-Bangin'" and "Bow Down," the Westside Connection is consistently proving themselves a force to be reckoned with. While they have single-handedly confronted their New York detractors and disbeliever's in "gangster" rap music with blatant disregard and raw passion in not just their coat or style of rap, but ultimately themselves. The Westside Connection is Ice Cube, WC and Mack 10. As nefarious as the monikers indicate these three rap kingpins have taken so called gangsta rap to its ultimate level. While every rapper today scurries for street credibility, this monstrous trio have just made it more difficult for the hardest of hardcore rappers to believe themselves. Taking on the identities of societies' worst nightmares Ice Cube, WC and Mack 10 have created audible motion pictures chalk full o'drama, suspense and mayhem.
As individuals, these three men have cornered a market of respect for themselves. Mack 10, a virtual newcomer to the spotlight has already gone gold on his self-titled debut album on Priority Records which is still a hot commodity today. Can you say platinum? The first single is a hip hop classic, "Foe Life," where Mack 10 debuts not only as a new artist but also a new style of delivery, flowing through breaks and having fun in the process. The album Mack 10 also marked the formation of the Westside Connection. After being introduced on Ice Cube's "Ta-Dow" remix, Mac 10 and Ice Cube decided to incorporate WC into the fold, Spawning the now infamous "Westside Slaughterhouse." Mack 10 first met up with Ice Cube in 1994 through a mutual friendship with DJ Pooh. In fact, Mack 10 was actually waiting in the wings for his shot at the microphone when he went to Ice Cube's lair, Street Knowledge, and asked for a deal. Cube auditioned "One-O," as Mack 10 is often called, on the spot. Cube says, "He said he could rap ver some beats that I had laying around...He made me a believer." Cube quickly took his new found protege over to Priority Records.
WC's part of this tag-team of hit makers is quite different from Mack 10's. WC was actually an old label-mate of Ice Cube's, as well as friend. While Cube was bangin' out hits for N.W.A., WC was busy in the garage writing hip hop classics like "Pay Ya Dues" for himself and his world renowned dj, DJ Aladdin, cementing the formation of their duo Low Profile. However, after Low Profile's debut album We're In This Together, WC soon found that things weren't that together. Opting to remain friends, Aladdin and WC chose to dissolve Low Profile. It was at that point WC with his little brother Crazy Toones, Coolio, and Big Gee formed WC & The MAAD Circle. While still under contract with Priority Records, WC and company released another debut album, Ain't A Damn Thang Changed. That was to produce even more underground rap classics such as "You Don't Work, You Don't Eat," which also featured J-Dee formerly of Da Lench Mob (another Ice Cube produced group) and MC Eiht of Compton's Most Wanted; and also "Dress Codes" a hit single whose video marked the introduction of F.Gary Gray to the music video industry. WC and Crazy Toones, disillusioned with the recording industry, took a hiatus from the music business, instead playing the backdrop, coaching Coolio into a successful solo career and playing hypeman and dj, respectively, along side Ice Cube on his road shows. In early 1995, WC & The MAAD Circle reappeared on the rap scene with a new album, Curb Servin', on PAYDAY Records. Curb Servin' , is where the Westside Connection joined forces once again to release "West Up." This is where the Westside Connection also became a real group. Mack 10 adds, "We had so much fun doing the first two songs, we just said 'fuck it!' let's do an album." Most recently WC made his big screen debut, playing the role of a misguided bank robber in F. Gary Gray's latest film Set It Off, which also stars Queen Latifah and Jada Pinkett.
Ice Cube added the final spoke in the wheel which made the car complete. Like a proud first time father he grins and says, "I came up with the name, because of where we're all from, and from there we just started creating hip hop hits." As the lyrical powerhouse that injected the potency into N.W.A.'s fire, Ice Cube is now aiming his sights on the entire world. Explaining, "Our initial intent was to dominate everything East of the Mississippi and eventually world-wide record domination." He spent years becoming the entity that he is today, from a mere solo "gangster" rap artist to record producer, video and movie director and finally record label owner. In 1994 Ice Cube announced the formation of LENCH MOB Record with the release of long-time friend and debut artist K-Dee. Ice Cube's current movie credits include "Boyz 'N' The Hood," "Higher Learning," "Glass Shield," "CB4," "Tresspass," "Anaconda," "Dangerous Ground," and "Friday" a comedy that was written by Ice Cube and DJ Pooh as well as co-produced by Ie Cube. This debut album from the Westside Connection becomes yet another feather in the already full cap Ice Cube wears. Mack 10, WC and Ice Cube have all added something unique to the formation of the Westside Connection. They've all sacrificed and put a lot of wok into bringing something fresh and exciting to the table, something to spark another evolution in the ever-changing face of rap music. The album titled, Bow Down is full of hip hop classics, direct disses and ghetto bravado at its finest. The first single, also, aptly titled, "Bow Down" is not the anticipated New York dis-record that most listeners were expecting, but more of a directive to anyone that is wasting their energies on dissin' so-called "gangster" rap to do just that- 'Bow Down.' Besides the dramatic introduction incorporating a properly scripted British fellow and a haunting string loop the album flows into other pointed tracks produced by Ice Cube, Bud'da, Binky and QDIII. The second single is "Gangstas Make The World Go Round." This single song is enough to make the entire country pay homage to the Westside Connection for the sheer cleverness of the tack. Using the Stylistics' most memorable "People Make The World Go Round" and replacing the word "people" while delivering the blow-by-blow of a lifestyle that has obviously made an impression on our young protagonists. "Kids when you grow up who the fuck you wanna be, like me, your Black super hero, got enough zeros to hire Rob Shapiro; Your honor I'ma have to get rid of ya, 'cause it ain't no trivia about my flat in West Bolivia; I blew the jury a kiss 'cause they'd rather dismiss than swim with the big fish..Gangtas Make The World Go Round." The album is put together very tightly, not allowing any listener to get bored or a moment to realize that they're listening to the next track before another quotable sound bite is being delivered. The next notable cut would be "All The Critics In New York," a song that uses former East Coast hip hop classics and a full borough roll-call to substantiate an age old argument about various magazines' rating systems and the obvious bias that takes place in regards to West Coast rap artists. "The Gangsta, The Killa, & The Dope Dealer" is another hard hitting classic utilizing the erie sounds of Nine Inch Nails to create an appealing cut of nefarious stories making you believe that like the movie Scarface, the world is yours. The track also usessubliminal gang howls in the back to fill the track with mystique and pointedness. "King Of The Hil," is the anticipated response to Cypress Hill and if "No Vaseline" (Cube's response to N.W.A..) is any indication then Ice Cube is back again in form. This track also includes a retaliatory response from Mack 10 directed toward Cypress. This album also features the remix to Mack 10's latest hit single "Hoo-Bangin'", featuring appearances by Ice Cube, WC, K-Dee, The Comrads (Gangsta & K-Mac), and AllFrumThal's Squeek-Ru. The album is forty-eight minutes of hardcore rap music, hands down and "W's" up Bow Down is an album of hits and hip hop classics.

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