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WC biography

Guilty By Affiliation
This will be Dub C's new album droppin on Def Jam Records. He has guest

appearances from Ice Cube, Mack 10, Mc Ren, Jayo Felony and others


Only recently has WC become a big name in the music world, but he's been a respected hip-hop talent for over a decade. His early work was as lead lyricist for both Low Profile and The MAAD Circle. Then he formed Westside Connection with Ice Cube and Mack 10. About his solo album "The Shadiest One", WC says, "I just want fans to know that this ain't no fly-by-night type of (stuff). I've been blessed to be in the game this long and still have an audience with this type of anticipation. A lot of rappers have come and gone and I'm still here and growing so it's all to the good."

No overnight success; no tinted windows just a hungry nigga doing demos. struggle to find your manhood in the streets of south central Los Angeles; mold and shape it there in the heart of California madness and beauty; grow up up with one fool on the Chevy's gas pedal; bare witness to fake ass Hollywood posers gangbangers and smog.

If you can imagine any of these memories, i mean really feel these words, then you are closer to the world of WC, the janky hip hop veteran. more than likely, most music fans discovered WC after his standout performance on the Westside connections triple platinum album bow down. that controversial 1996 released spurned the hit gangstas make the world go round and bow down now, with recent release of his most complete album the shadiest one the haters from the west to the east are taking notice the man who dropped the classic single pay ya dues with dj alladin in 1989,

He is the one who put his career aside to mentor the one and
only Coolio (former band member of the MaaD circle) and is
a major reason why coolio is a big hit,

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