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Tupac's death

  • Saturday,
    September 7, 1996
    Tupac Shakur and Death Row's Marion "Suge" Knight visit the Mike Tyson - Bruce Seldon fight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

  • Travon Lane (a Death Row affiliate also known as "Tray") was confronted by several members of the Southside Crips two months ago on the Lakewood Mall in Compton. During the scuffle Travon Lane's Death Row medallion/necklace was taken from him.
    When Travon Lane walks through the MGM lobby he spots a man, later identified as Orlando Anderson (the same man Travon thought who had taken his medallion). Travon Lane points out the man to Tupac and he confronts him with the question "You from the South?" (this scene is captured on tape by MGM surveillance cameras).

  • After the 109 seconds fight (around 8.55 pm) a gleeful Tupac baits a camera crew in the MGM lobby and leaves the MGM together with Suge Knight.

  • Back at his room in the Las Vegas Luxor hotel, Tupac is upset cause he couldn't find someone of the Outlawz, who planned to be at the Mike Tyson fight with him. One member of the Outlawz, Khadafi, will become an eye-witness to the shooting the same day and is found dead one week later in New Jersey. Khadafi R.I.P.

  • Tupac (now wearing a black basketball jersey and not the white silk shirt he wore inside the MGM) and Suge, surrounded by women, are catched by an amateur videographer outside the MGM in Las Vegas.
  • Saturday,
    September 7, 1996
    11.15 pm
    Tupac and Suge Knight turn off Las Vegas Boulevard onto Flamingo Road.

  • Suge Knight is driving the black BMW 750 and Tupac sits next to him, they are on the way to Suge's Club 662 to get their party on.

  • Tupac's window is down and he smiles and yells to fans on the street.

  • Some women in an oldsmobile and several Death Row cars (around 10) follow them, heading to Club 622 in Las Vegas.

  • Tupac and Suge Knight stop at a red traffic light in front of the Maxim Hotel.

  • A white Cadillac with California license plates pulls up to the right of the waiting black BMW. Inside the Cadillac are four passengers.

  • According to Las Vegas Police one of the four passengers takes out a high caliber gun (Glock .40 caliber handgun) and fires between 10 and 15 (probably 12) shots, sparks fly .... glass and metal everywhere.

  • Three bullets tear through Tupac's chest, one through his hand and one in his leg. Suge sufferes a minor gunshot wound to the head but is not serious wounded by some bullet fragments.

  • The scene is watched by dozens of witnesses at the street and the Death Row entourage in cars behind the BMW.

  • The white Cadillac turns off and moves to down south Koval Street.
  • Two police men hear the shots and immediately give chase, Tupac bleeds through his jersey and is stretched out in the back of the BMW.

  • Suge Knight gets the car one mile away and is pulled over by a Police Bike Patrol at the corner Las Vegas Boulevard/Harmon Avenue.

  • Tupac lost allot of blood, he is being brought into University Medical Center's trauma center and undergoes the first operation shortly before midnight. His right lung is removed when he is operated again more than 20 hours later. He is in very critical condition and doctors give him a twenty percent chance to survive. His mother Afeni Shakur, relatives and friends come to the UMC to be there for him.

  • According to a Compton police informant, Travon Lane later says (at Club 662) that the shooter was Orlando Anderson aka "Baby Lane" or "Keefee D's nephew", the same man they confronted in the MGM lobby some hours ago.

  • Monday,
    September 9, 1996
    Since Suge Knight was released from the UMC on Sunday he is not to be found. On Wednesday he appears for Las Vegas police questioning.

  • Another informant later noticed that Orlando Anderson's cousin drives a late-model white Cadillac into an auto shop.

  • At 2.58 pm a man (who was mentioned to LAPD as someone who might have been sitting inside the white Cadillac two days ago) is shot.

  • Tupac still in critical condition momentarily opens his eyes. His family and friends inside the UMC and hundred of fans outside hope and pray for him.

  • Wednesday,
    September 11, 1996
    At 9.05 am Bobby Finch (reputed to be Southside Crip) is gunned down on South Mayo. Later Las Vegas police receive telephone calls that Bobby Finch might have been sitting in the white Cadillac too.

  • The next days (September 13/14) ten more people (five Bloods) are shot (wounded/killed) in seperate shootings.

  • Las Vegas Police receive more and more calls that Orlando Anderson was the man who shot on Tupac and that people have seen him with a 40. caliber Glock handgun.

  • Thursday,
    September 12, 1996
    Tupac is still in very critical condition, his eyes are closed and he struggles for his life. He is connected to several intensive care unit apparates. His family and thousands of fans around the world hold out hope.

  • Friday,
    September 13, 1996
    4.03 am
    Tupac Shakur passed away at 4.03 am because of respiratory failure and cardiopulmonary arrest. He was 25 years old. Rest In Peace.

Tupac's mother Afeni, his cousin Yakki, his family and his friends leave the stillness of the UMC. Hundreds of waiting people outside the UMC cry, Tupac's music (coming out of cars) fills the air .... The world has lost one of the greatest rap artists. His family and millions of fans around the world lost a son, a cousin, a friend .... TUPAC WE MISS YOU.