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Mr. Short Khop was just another young rhymeslinger with stars in his eyes and a demo tape in his pocket whenhe bumped into Ice Cube at an Inglewood 7-Eleven. "I was in there looking for bidis," says Khop, whose 5-foot-5 frame belies his gargantuan skills. "Cube looked shorter than he did on television, so I ran up to him, pulled out mytape and was like, `I'm Short Khop, the next nigga everybody is looking for.'"

He's already burned it up on The Player's Club soundtrack and laid down vocals on Ice Cube's compilation album,Featuring...Ice Cube. But Short Khop's widest exposure came with his appearance on Cube's sizzling "Pushin' Weight."These days, Khop is hunkered down in a North Hollywood studio, recording his first album, The Khop Shop, due out in 2000 on Cube's Heavyweight Records. Buoyed by cameos from Kurupt and the Negro League-and by healthy portionsof Khop's own Snoop-esque flow-the Inglewood native plans to come out swinging like Jackie Chan.

"It's going to be the next shit," he predicts while nursing a Long Island Iced Tea at a suburban L.A. deli. "My album is kind of medieval, with a twist of gangster. But don't let that fool you. I ain't no gangster-Khop is a playa!" So let the games begin.

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