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MC Ren biography


Real Name: Lorenzo Patterson
Occupation: Rap artist & Producer
Date of Birth:
June 14, 1969
Place of Birth: Compton, California ,USA

Latest album:Ruthless 4 life



Mc Ren new album details

Mc Ren is working on a brand new album which will be called "RenIncarnated", his follow up to 1998's Ruthless For Life. In May Ren was in the early stages of puttin together the tracks. He was trackin songs for the project, which he plans to complete and perfect before shopping for a label deal. Ren said he's shooting for a 2004 release date. Dj Yella is slated to produced tracks for the album. Other producers include E-A-Ski, Rush and Rap Hustlerz. As far as guest rappers, Ren would only name one likely candidate, which is WC. Ren doesn't want to have to much guests on the album, two or three at the most.


Mc ren is a lyrical assassin along with ice cube he wrote most of nwa's greatest hits. is it any wonder that eazy e spotted his talent and recognised that with ren in his corner he would be a winner. his latest album ruthless foe life is probably his best to date. ren doesn't hold back in his lyrics he'll fuck anyone who he doesnt like. in 1992 he released his first solo album 'kizz my black azz' the album was a great success it went platinum even though it got little air play. the shock of the hour and villain in black were also a huge successes. mc ren also played a huge part in making eazy e's eazy duz it a huge with his supporting mc ing. with the nwa reunion just round the corner you can guarantee that ren will have huge part to play in this album we have seen glimpses of nwa in chin check and hello

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