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Real Name: David Rolison

Date of Birth: August 9 1971

Place of Birth: Inglewood, California USA














An Inglewood rapper discovered by Ice Cube, Mack 10 debuted on Priority with a self-titled debut album that went gold thanks to the single "Foe Life." Mack 10 appeared with Ice Cube and W.C. in the 1996 all-star side project Westside Connection, and formed his own production company, Mack One-O, which signed the acts Allfrumtha-I and the Comrads. His second album Based on a True Story reached the Top 20 and also went gold. Mack 10 officially stepped out of Icecubes shadow with his 3rd LP "The Recipe," which dropped on his own label Hoo Bangin Records. "Now I got the attitude to where I got to make opportunities for myself," Mack says, noting that spoiling his son and daughter requires a continuous and lucrative cash flow. Mack 10 is not one demensional and admits that he buys everyones music from Big Pun, to Foxy Brown, to JD. When asked about The Westside Connection he says, "The Westside Connection was a stage in my career that I had to go through." And even though Mack 10 has stepped out of Icecubes shadow he does credit cube with his work ethic and putting him on, but Mack 10 is in it to win it, so just realize if you try to stick it to Mack 10 on wax he can rip you apart.
Along with his own records and record company, he also has a joint venture with Icecube, "Westsiiiiide Design," a full service graphic company, and recently did his first movie, a straight- to- video film called "Thicker Than Water." The film is about two brothers, played by Mack 10 and Fat Joe, who meet for the first time at their father's funeral. After discovering that they each now have a brother they never knew about, the two decide to go into business together hustling unsuspecting people. The soundtrack was also released on Mack 10's Hoo Bangin label. With a cast that includes Mack 10, Fat Joe and Ice Cube, Thicker Than Water brings together some of the best hip-hop artists from New York and LA. Mack 10 conceived Thicker Than Water as the way to begin his film career. As he says, "I wanted to be in a film and no one was banging at my door, so I decided not to waste any time and to do it myself." Soon after coming up with a rough story idea, Mack 10 hired Ernest Nyle Brown and gave him two weeks to complete the script. With a script in hand, Mack met with Producer Darryl Taja who introduced him to Richard Cummings, Jr. Initially skeptical about an actor not from the world of hip-hop directing his first feature, the chemistry between Mack and Cummings just clicked and Thicker Than Water took off. From that time, it took only 3 months to complete the project.
Mack 10 recently contributed to Icecubes single "You Can Do It" from the "Next Friday" soundtrack, and the "WWF RAW Compilation" LP, and is also currently working on new material for his 4th LP. In his personal life, he is now engaged to Tionne Watkins, a.k.a. T-Boz of TLC and will probably be married by the end of the year.


Real Name Dedrick Rolison; A.K.A. Mack Dime. Coming from Inglewood, Mack 10 made his hip hop debut with the hit single, "Foe Life", off his self-titled cd. Also released on his first album was the Westside Connection track, "Westside Slaughterhouse". Mack has recently jumped back on the charts with his newest cd, "Based on a True Story." He has also worked with Daz Dillinger of Tha Dogg Pound on "Nuthin' but the Cavi hit."
Inglewood, California's Mack 10 returns with his third CD entitled "The Recipe", which covers all areas of the hip hop map and displays Mack 10's talent at the same time. In 1995, Mack 10 got signed by Ice Cube and dropped his self- titled joint, "Mack 10." With a hardcore image of a G from LA, and creative lyrics that separated him from most gangsta rappers, this album put Mack on the map. Then, 1 year later, Mack 10 got involved in a group called "Westside Connection", which consisted of himself, WC, and Ice Cube. Their album "Bow Down" was one of the most controversial hip hop CD's and displayed West Coast pride with hard beats and hardcore lyrics. In '97, Mack Dime dropped his sophomore CD, "Based On A True Story," which was also very dope. Now, in '98, Mack 10 returns with "The Recipe." He's now the owner of his own label "Hoo-Bangin Records" and is in control. As you may have seen in articles from The Source, or Rap Pages, he's got everybody from Fat Joe and Big Pun to Jermaine Dupri on this one. Most f the collaborations are very tight, as is most of the CD.
The CD starts off with the title cut, "The Recipe," a tight posse cut with the Hoo- Bangin affiliates. Another tight cut you can bump in your ride is "Get Yo Ride On" with MC Eiht and Eazy- E. Everyone comes off well on this cut, and it is 100 times better than most of the gangsta rap that is out now. A lot of people will probably be wondering how Eazy is on there since he's no longer with us, but it's just a lost verse from him that was added on the track. Another dope collaboration is "LBC and the ING" with Snoop Dogg. Mack 10 and Snoop Dogg rap about their neighbourhoods over the beat from "Heartbeat," the old school joint by Taana Gardner. Mack and Snoop have a nice chemistry together which proves that they should collaborate again. One of the most creative cuts on the CD is "Ghetto Horror Show" with Ice Cube and Jayo Felony. Mack 10 spits Gravediggaz horrorcore type rhymes over a Halloween type beat by DJ U-Neek. Mack spits, "I'm psycho like Norman Bates and depressed out of my mind, and all I think about is committing redrums like The Shining, so Lord please help me and forgive me for my sins, and tell me, why do I deserve the Twilight Zone that I'm in?" Damn. Ice Cube and Jayo Felony spit some nice rhymes as well. Another very creative song on the CD is "The Letter", which is directed to everyone who is against gangsta rap. The song is set up in letter form and is confident and powerful. Mack 10 tells the people who criticize gangsta rap that "If your shit do a million every time you drop it, then you would be foolish to change the topic." He then goes on to say "To whom it may concern, this letter is to show that real niggaz only rap about what they know."
Another tight track on the CD is "Money's Just A Touch Away" with Gerald Levert. It's a laid back cut with a positive and inspiring message. Gerald Levert does a nice job singing the chorus, while Mack 10 spits lines like, "Now a true sinner, to the game a beginner, hard to feel like a winner when you eat spreads for dinner." "For The Money" with Buckshot and Ol Dirty Bastard of the Wu Tang Clan is a nice little party cut that has Mack and his east coast homies talking about how they get down. The collaboration with Big Pun and Fat Joe on "Let The Games Begin" is also dope. All three of them spit solid rhymes, but Big Pun seems to shine more than Fat Joe and Mack 10. However, there is some weak points on the CD. "Get a Lil Head" with his Hoo-Bangin affiliates, Boo Kapone, Techniec, Binky, and CJ Mac, is mediocre and degrading. "You Ain't Seen Nothin" with Jermaine Dupri and Foxy Brown isn't that appealing either. JD is bragging like he usually does, Foxy Brown comes off pretty wack, and it is just basicallya party cut that isn't too creative or tight. "Made Niggaz" with Master P and Mystikal is i-ight, but the production by Beats By The Pound is unappealing and Master P comes off pretty bad on this one.
"The Recipe" has a lot of tight stuff by Mack 10 and people he got down with. Almost all of the collaborations are successful, and Mack does his thing as well. Most of the production is on point as well, which is a big plus. Even though there is some weak material, it is overshadowed by the strong parts. This CD will probably have someone you like on it, even if u don't like Mack 10. "The Recipe" proves that Mack 10 is a tight lyricist, and is different from most mediocre gangsta rappers out there now. Go out and pick this up if you want to hear some creative gangsta rap blended in with a little bit of rhyming from almost every rapper in the game right now.

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