Ice Cube - U Know How We Do IT Lyrics

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Ice Cube - U Know How We Do IT lyrics

ICE CUBE U KNOW HOW WE DO IT Intro: Yeah...Yeah...Fool, you know how we do it West Side, coming from the West Side, Nothing but the West Side Verse One: Ain't nothing going on but the bomb-ass rap song Hitting all night long Just like me on the black and white ivory Getting 6 on the deal-e, you don't want to see a G Break them fool like vicious Busta-ass tricks, sleep with the fishes Running from Lennox, up at Venice They wanna hand me a stripes like Dennis the Menace But that ain't popping, ain't no stopping Fo' hopping, ass dropping Coupe de Ville, my troops get ill Fool I got skills So, back on up 'fore I check that chin Down as fuck and I'm full off Hen You gets no love and I thought you knew it Fool, you know how we do it Chorus: Coming from the West Side, West Side, Coming from the West Side Versw Two: Chilling with the homies smelling the bud Double parked and I'm talking to Dove About who got a plan, who got a plot Who got got, and who got shot Cos everybody knows that he got the info Crazy Toones hangin out the window Fool I got them bomb ass tapes Da Lench Mob, Planet of the Apes I'm down with Eiht and, what's up Kam is solo, they got nuts When Ice Cube write a sentence I wrote the Bomb, just like George Clinton S-K-D is down to catch a body Put on Knee Deep, we'll turn out ya party You gets no love and I thought you knew it Fool, you know how we do it Choru Verse Three: Jack be nimble, and Jack be quick If you want to jack me on a lick Cos, I'm that fool from South Central You think you stuck yourself with a number 2 pencil That's how I poke hot lead in your ass With more bounce to the ounce in a dash Mash up, Venice, headed for the West Everything is great slow down for the dip On 118th and keep mashing Don't drink and drive to keep the fall from crashing Stashin a glock and I thought you knew it You know how we do it Chorus
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