Ice Cube - Really Doe Lyrics

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Ice Cube - Really Doe lyrics

Ice Cube.
Track: Really Doe.

Aint nobody talking when i'm talking fella's so shut the fuck up.
Hey who the fuck are you. Stepin up in my mutha fuckin' erh.. Shirt tailors, nick kickers erh.. [???] On my
ass i got um erh. cackies, 501's. On my back i da erh..sweat shirt, ya know wit da fat creases erh.. My T-shirt
sling shot erh.. jack shirt erh.. & i got the k-cut in my, in my pocket. da afro, da breads, mutha fuckin'
erh.. rollies haha can i just ask my mutha fuckin' self erh...

[Verse 1]
To gee or not to gee is the question & like Smith told Wesson, im
Shady with da 380 old skool diploma I lead dat ass in a coma, so
If you got a herring bone, welcome to the terrordome 211 sorry reverand, oh my god, getting [robbed]
Reach for the smog, atomic dog Hard to swallow, shaky ass [ballow] Count to 10 & dont try to follow
Coz just like [wako] i can take four A-T-F to they death Bust a left on weston, go & get a room Dont wanna be
a fella like Stacey [Coon]
Get the [white] bitch Hit the light switch, here we go
Tap that ass like this, really doe

Westside lench mob Coz im a mutha fuckin' gee (x2)

[Verse 2]
[Bearly] in a home cant catch the vapours Make me a pillow outta toilet paper Concrete bitch kickin off the
hemeroids S-A's beat dont fuck with dem boys Full check coll-ect call from da [baller] Her moma said
please dont call her Do ah diddy far from new jack city Seen one of my peers
What the fuck are you doin' in here He said 187 on enemy & they treat me like i just shot a kennedy Deputy
bitch thinks she's the queen bee
Ink on my thumb, index & pinky So, what set you from, play dumb
General population Moma put your house up & i can bounce up
Outta this mutha fucker thats why i love ya Out like a [bus] with a half pint of sauce Got the shit sold up like
Betsy [Ross]
With a [fendo, lots of indo] Never fuck with a silly ho, really doe

Really doe Bitch Coz im a mutha fuckin' gee God damn im a mutha fuckin' gee Yep thats right Coz im a
mutha fuckin' gee God damn im a...

[Verse 3]
Knock you out like Nike will Ill kill ya quick Sucker for love ass trick So roll on up wit ya gun up Coz i got the
back breaker Double pump rump shaker Coz we can play [hooky] in a aquaboogy With concrete Nikes, you
gets no stripes Livin', no forgivin' with da [mic on] & punks [whirl] like vultures with the light on & that sort
of shit im startin, busta cap Like your Jeromo Martin You're lookin' for a punk wit benefits Coz you got a
baby that take many shits & ya know i gotta grip like a baby on a tit Scopin', hopin', thighs open But i kick
back, sit back & hit the fillie slow Hooker, ho, really doe

Ice cube, yo Coz im a mutha fuckin' gee God damn im a mutha fuckin' gee
Really doe Coz im a mutha fuckin' gee Mutha fuckin' ho mutha fuckin gee
Eastside Southside
Coz im a mutha fuckin' gee
Gee gee gee mutha fuckin' gee
Hey who the fuck are you


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