Ice Cube - Extradition Lyrics

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Ice Cube - Extradition lyrics

Artist: Ice Cube Album: War & Peace Vol. 1 (The War Disc) Song: Extradition Typed by: (Ice Cube Talking) Dear Mama, If some people came by the house lookin for me I'm innocent of anything they say I done Now I don't know when I'll be able to write you again But I will be back to California to see you Your son, Ice-mutherfucking-Cube. [Hook] Keep my hand on my gun cos they got me on the run I swear I didn't do what they say I done (x2) [Verse 1] Ghetto destroyer, paranoia, I need a lawyer This bitch named Netoia, say they lookin for ya Got to get the fuck out of here (yeah right) This bitch dimmed the lights (nigga, spend the night) Bust a quick nut, got to fuck up and gat on Cos this the same street I got shot on So God bless Don Polla, double-s I gotta holla cos I'm smokin on double breath Freakin, niggaz be leakin, information Got the feds seekin, incarceration Niggaz say my name popped up Bitch hop up Nigga close the shop up They try to stop em My cash flow leave me asshole neck it Gone in sixty seconds, burn all records Nigga gettin skinny eating dinnies Count my pennies, only got a bag fulla twenties [Chorus] Listen, these feds fishin for this extradition I'm on a mission, fuck em, fight em, dine em, ditch em I gotta kick rocks, can't pick locks Or spend the rest of my life in a shit-?bath [Verse 2] It's so hard to get a room without a credit card It's so hard not to let em know where you are Tried to get a rent a car But he laughed when I showed him cash Had to mash 'fore he called the feds on my ass Went to Vegas for the weekend Met a hoe down freakin Hey bitch, why you sneakin? Grabbed the paper out her hand Am I the man on the front page? (Fuck) Same height, same age (click-click) Rap gauge, put it down the G-way Got my hostage suckin sausage on the freeway She say "Let's hear the circle K" Ran inside and made the niggaz all pay It's like I hit the Lotto outside Colorado Brought it there for his wallet and my bottle That's my motto and I gotta warn ya before I'm through, I'm going back to California (Hook) (Chorus) [Verse 3] My boys you're taught at Illonois Set the poise, so I can infiltrate All fifty states Can't wait till I'm back on my feet Switch and shake this bitch in her sleep Low key you feds can't see me I'm up in D.C. with strike number three Clownin, made a little stock to get a little cock Now I got niggaz bangin and lootin rock I'm going back to Cali where it's bound with my strikes Don't give a fuck who's on the ?marin or the mic I should've known when I seen that motherfucker in the lobby looking like he wanna rob me (Fuck) Federal, don't like no black hetero, sexual, intellectual Tried to turn me into a vegetable An I'm 'a sue all black and blue When I come to- hand cuff (Fuck y'all) Big grey bus, scandalous Cos they can't stand us They get excited and I try to fight it (mama) I'm going back to Cali to show, extradited (Hook) (Chorus) (Ice Cube talking) Hey mama, when y'all send pictures you can't send a polaroid Got to be the regular pictures An' they got us in here puttin' in computer chips or something I don't know. Like they playin with us, it's like a game It ain't nuttin' but a game to them mama It's my life
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