Ice Cube - death Certificate Lyrics

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Ice Cube - death Certificate lyrics

Artist: Ice Cube Album: Death Certificate Song: Look Who's Burning Typed by: Hey, but what you're doing up here anyway nigga? - Man I came up to get some rubbers man, what you're doing up here? I came up here to get a physical, you know for my job, you gotta get a physical and shit - really? Ah that's me right there, hey man you stay up man, be careful and shit you know... -Thug Brown? yeah? -How can I help you? Ah... yeah, I like to get a physical and shit -We don't give physical here Oh you don't? -No, all we test for is (??), herpes, syphilis and gonorrhea I like to see a doctor -What's the matter, you're burning? Verse one: I went to the free clinic, it was filled to capacity, Now how bad can a piece of ass be? Very bad, so I had to make the trip, and thank god I didn't have the drips. I was there so a ho' couldn't gimme that, just to get twenty free jimmy hats. Now look who I see, ain't that... yeah, that's the bitch from up the street. With the big, fat tail, who always told Cube to go to hell. She thought she was wiser, now she's sitting in the waiting room, burning like (Keith Miser?). Yeah I see ya, first Miss Thang, now Miss Gonorrhea. Man it's a trip how the world keeps turning, It's 1991, and look who's burning. Verse two: Now everybody is a victim, you can go see 'em, and you'll hear more claps than the Coliseum. Sitting there all quiet and embarrassed, whoop, there goes that bitch who was careless. I remember she wouldn't give the cock, to anybody who lived on the block. Now ho', look what you got, bring that big ass over for the shot. 'Cause somebody is (?) hot, dripping like a faucet, I'm glad I didn't toss it. Got you a college boy who was worse than me, and he probably fucked the whole university. Still wanted him to dick you down, kick you down, with some bucks, now who got fucked? With a nigga for the money he's earning, but ask for some water bitch, and look who's burning. Verse three: Yo, it ain't my fault you got the hibbie-jibbies, but you still try to act like you didn't see me. So I walk over, and say "hi", bitch, don't try to act surprised. You should've put a sock on the pickle, and your pussy wouldn't be blowing smoke signals. Man, this is gonna kill 'em, guess who got a big fat dose of penicillin. They all ask "who?", and I tell 'em "you, the new leader of the big booty crew." And after the day, I'm sorry to say, you come to the neighborhood, you couldn't give it away. To a nigga, who's out to get major paid, but you'll have him, pissing out razorblades. But a bitch like you, will be returning with the HIV, RIP.
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