Eazy E - It's On Lyrics

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Eazy E - It's On lyrics

Artist: Eazy-E
Album: It's On (Dr. Dre) 187Um Killa
Song: It's On
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Todays a good day to die! (lady screaming)
Bow wow wow yippie yo yeppie yah
Suck on these nuts nigga suck on these nuts
I tell em bow wow wow yippie yo yeppie yea
Suck on these nuts nigga suck on these nuts
Ain't nuthin but Eazy baby
He'll smoke two niggas cuz they crazy
Talk a gang of shit but it dont phase me
That punk nigga Dre still pays me

Well if it's on motherfucker then it's on G
Now if it's on motherfucker than its on G
Hey Mister prankster prankster
Story book gangster
Back in 86 you wore pumps and masscara
Down did the motherfuckin wreckin crew bid
But once a bitch always a bitch
And now the fuckin switch
Fag with a steathoscope now you sag
Body slammn bitches makes Dre a bigger man.
Cackies sportin loc's in a G ride
What set you from loc what set you from ride?
Rip Vanwinkle sleepin nigga woke up and became a G
But you still dont impress tha E-Z.
Smoke a little sherm now you call that shit the chronic
Niggas on the West side call it bionic
I make a mill here make a mill there
Fuck a bitch here fuck a bitch there yeeeeah

(Chorus 2X)
*Scratched in* Tell ya motherfuckers who your fuckin with
[Eazy-E] Well if its on Motherfucker then its on

Old nigga Eazy-E went to the Cuppard
To get Snoop Doggy Dogg a bone motherfucker.
Another G or should I say a H, a I, a J, a K, a L-M-N-O-P
P for the pussy wussy wuffin nigga broke
As a motherfuckin joke
Talkin about you want to smoke tha E to tha A-Z-Y
Nigga this EAST SIDE Snoop Doggy Doggy Dogg you wanna try
187 on the E that ya sing
But you cling on my balls when I swing my ding-a-ling
Yeah you got more just like a pint of puppy water
First I'm gonna choke ya Then I smoke ya
Then I'm gonna toss ya in the back of my trunk
With the other punk
Smoking Death Row like I smoke a Phillie Blunt
Well if it's on motherfucker than its on G
If it's on motherfucker than it's on G

(Chorus 2X)

Still a nigga,
Once a nigga
Always a nigga
Down from the get go
Never let go
Never flossin
Never slippin
Never trippin
Stickin dick and my balls down your throat doggy listen
Niggaz from the LBC
They never heard of ya G
and Niggas from the CPT aint down with D-R-E
But ya gave it up,
Still like a trooper
Let 'em play ya jam shake ya hand and then they shoot ya
You can fool the people on the east coast an the mid-west
But In LA you still cant pass the test
See I can tell a pussy when I see one
Dre wearing lip stick that mean ya have to be one
You need to change your sex and your occupation
You try to fuck with E nigga Run Run Run
Cause if it's on motherfucker then its on G
Now if its on motherfucker then its on G

(Chorus 4X)


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